The Woman Behind the Disaster

I’m an occasional extrovert who will crawl my way out from my cave of books to join the world only to find that sun is too bright and it burns my skin to a lovely shade of bubblegum pink. Getting a tan is a 50/50 shot. Here you’ll find my opinions on why having multiple jars of peanut butter on hand is more important than Spam┬áduring the apocalypse.

I tend to think mid action and curse my brain, or as my phone affectionately refers to it as Brian.

You can look forward to my Goodreads reviews and updates. Books are my tv since cable is outrageous. I’m looking at you Comcast.

Short Stories Are Coming. (I’m a Stark at heart.)

I will fangirl over fictional characters and music will spill over here. *coughs* Top Gear. I’m not sorry.


Grand Canyon 2012. Seriously, take the mules. They are there to save your legs from turning into noodles and to keep oxygen in your lungs. I was not a smart person here, I didn’t take the mule option.




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